Stateside: Mike Duggan joins race for next Detroit mayor

Feb 26, 2013

He has been an assistant prosecutor, Wayne County Deputy Executive under Edward McNamara, and the CEO of the Detroit Medical Center.

Today, Mike Duggan is making his next move official. He wants to become Detroit's next Mayor.

With Duggan throwing his hat into the ring,  what is he going to bring to the table that other candidates do not?

And are black residents prepared to cast their vote for a white candidate?

1973 was the last year there was a white candidate in a Detroit Mayoral race. That's when John Nichols lost to Coleman Young.

Will Detroiters be ready to vote for Duggan? He recently moved to the city from Livonia.

We spoke with Detroit Free Press writer Rochelle Riley who gave us a closer look at Duggan's mayoral campaign.

To listen to the full interview click on the audio link above.