Stateside for Monday, May 6th, 2013

May 6, 2013

  Detroit automakers stand to lose a stunning $4 billion dollars in Europe this year. On today's show: we'll take a look at how the financial mess in Europe is effecting the domestic automakers. And, then, singer/song-writer Matt Jones stops by the studio to talk about his newest work and overcoming a challenging -year.

And colleges are holding commencement ceremonies right about now.  

What will all those graduates do with their shiny new degrees?

Based on recent surveys something like half of the graduates from our state hit the road seeking greener pastures in other states within a year of graduating. It's the Michigan "Brain Drain."

One state lawmaker wants to help stem the brain drain by offering tax credits on their student loan payments to college grads who stay in Michigan.

Could tax credits help stem the brain drain?  Or is it a band-aid that masks a deeper challenge for college graduates in Michigan?

State Representative Andy Schor joined us today. He's a freshman Democrat from Lansing and the sponsor of House Bill 4182.