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Stateside: Snyder “bans the box,” money for school safety, history of prison strikes

Sep 7, 2018

Today on Stateside, Governor Rick Snyder announced he's striking a question about past felony convictions from some state job and license applications. And, what should schools do with millions of dollars in school safety grants from the state? 

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Why Gov. Snyder thinks “banning the box” is good for Michigan’s economy

  • Governor Rick Snyder explains why he’s getting rid of a question about previous felonies on some state job and license applications.

Court says no straight-ticket voting this November, a ballot proposal to make voting easier

  • Our Friday political commentators Ken Sikkema and Vicki Barnett give their take on a court decision and ballot proposal that could change how Michiganders vote.

Cheers! Beer in a Tiki cocktail to celebrate the last days of summer

  •  Tammy Coxen from Tammy’s Tastings toasts the end of summer with a tropical send-off.

State offers schools tens of millions to improve safety. How should districts spend it?

  • Michigan State Police Lt. Col. Chris Kelenske and Daniel Reattoir, superintendent of the Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District, talk about how schools are making buildings safer in this era of mass shootings.

“Concerning” audit finds Michigan’s child welfare system is falling short

  • Joshua Kay, clinical assistant professor of law at the UM Child Advocacy Law Clinic, explains how the state can make the system safer for kids in its care.     

Prison reform advocate: American system is a “tinderbox” waiting for a spark 

  • University of Michigan historian Heather Ann Thompson on what’s behind the current nationwide prison labor strike and why it matters.

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