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Stores in Michigan no longer need individual price tags as of today

Sep 1, 2011

Governor Snyder called for it last January during his first State of the State address, the law passed the legislature, and now it's in effect.

Individual price tags on each item are no longer in Michigan stores as of today.

From the Associated Press:

For the first time in decades, price tags no longer are required on most retail items in Michigan stores.

A law repealing the price-tag requirement took effect Thursday. Gov. Rick Snyder had urged the Legislature to get rid of tags, saying they were unnecessary and discouraged new business.

Massachusetts is the only other state with a price-tag requirement. Some older residents and unions opposed the change in Michigan. Unions fear job losses because stores won't need workers to put tags on items.

Tom Scott of the Michigan Retailers Association told the Detroit Free Press the changes at your local grocery store will be modest:

"It's an important day for retailers and for consumers," Scott said, "but it's probably going to look a lot like any other day."

No one is going to take price stickers off items already labeled, he said, and some retailers plan to continue to sticker virtually all of their products.

In the absence of individual stickers, the new law requires that prices be displayed conspicuously and in close proximity to the item on sale.