Stories and images from the polls in Michigan

Nov 6, 2012

It's Election Day and Michigan voters have been hitting the polls all day.

We have about two hours to go, and we have some reports about how things have been going.

We’ve heard lines are running smoothly, but there have been a few hiccups.

In Flint and East Lansing some ballot scanners have had a hard time digesting this year’s extra long ballot.

This has led to early delays, but election officials in Flint have assured voters that the ballots would be counted, MLive reports.

In at least one Michigan location voters encountered the controversial citizenship checkbox on their ballot applications. This after a federal judge ruled the box unconstitutional.

Spencer Howell of Oakland County reported seeing the box, and said that he thinks the box is inappropriate.

Voters in Grand Rapids encountered fairly quick lines and were getting free rides to the polls from pro-marijuana campaigners in minivans, Lindsey Smith reports.

And on the other side of the state, Michigan Radio’s Sarah Hulett waited three and a half hours at her NW Detroit polling place.

Here are her live tweets from her voting odyssey this morning - a thread that includes acts of kindness, on the spot entrepreneurship, and even a blossoming relationship.

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So what has voting looked like here? Twitter users across the state have shared their snapshots:

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