Study: Michigan ranks no. 2 in outbound migration

Jan 12, 2011

One sign of a tough economy is the sight of a big moving truck out in front of the neighbor's house.

And according to one moving company's study, Michigan has seen more of those moving trucks leaving the state than entering the state.

In it's 34th annual "migration" study, United Van Lines says Michigan ranked second in outbound traffic in the country.

Of the 7,186 moves United Van Lines logged in the state in 2010, 62% of them were leaving the state.

New Jersey ranked first with 62.5% of the 8,288 moves leaving that state.

From the study:

Outbound traffic from the Great Lakes region continued to lead the nation in 2010 with four states capturing high-outbound rankings. Western states that had traditionally experienced high-inbound traffic, most notably Nevada, saw their traffic level off.

Michigan is showing improvement. The state ranked as the top "outbound state" in United Van Lines studies from 2006-2009.