Study: Nearly 20 percent of MI third-graders have been subject of maltreatment investigations

Apr 3, 2018

How does life outside of school impact school performance?
Credit Sarah Hulett / Michigan Radio

If a third-grader scores poorly on standardized math and reading tests, there may be more to the problem than just the school. That's according to an eye-opening new study

The study found that students who have likely suffered abuse and neglect will then struggle in school.

The research was conducted by two University of Michigan professors : Joseph Ryan, an associate professor of social work and the co-director of the Child and Adolescent Data Lab, and Brian Jacob, the co-director of the Youth Policy Lab and a Professor of Education Policy.

Ryan joined Stateside today to discuss the project’s methodologies, why maltreatment should be a major concern of school personnel, and the study's key findings, which could be used to inform future policy and interventions.

Listen above.

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