Talking 'Positive' at the Republican National Convention

Aug 25, 2012

Michigan’s governor says he’s bringing his message of “relentless positive action” message to this week’s Republican National Convention.

“Positive” is not usually a word associated the rhetoric at national political conventions.

But Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, who’s made “relentless positive action” the mantra of his administration, hopes that’s not the case at the Republican National Convention which opens Monday in Tampa.

“There is too much negativity," says Snyder, "And, I’ve made it clear I think…the American political culture is broken in some way.    There is too much negative and that is why I hopefully try to be a person standing out to say ‘I just stick to the positive.'"

Many Michigan delegates to the GOP convention are already in Tampa attending pre-convention events.     Governor Snyder will host a reception this weekend at the Florida Aquarium, which is a short walk from the hockey arena which will serve as the site of the Republican National Convention.