#TBThursday: Telling you to wash your hands never gets old | Michigan Radio

#TBThursday: Telling you to wash your hands never gets old

Feb 12, 2015

Last week, during comments at the Bipartisan Policy Center, Republican Senator Thomas Tillis of North Carolina suggested that it was government gone overboard to regulate food service workers' hand washing. 

Prince, giving the world the perfect dose of side-eye for every occasion, including not washing your hands.

In honor of this rebuff of science and hygiene, for Throwback Thursday, we thought we'd revisit the rules of hand washing.

And, to make sure we all stay well, let's also return to a 2007 Environment Report story. Is our use of antibacterial soap creating a "super bug"? Which product is better for your health and for the environment? Rebecca Williams referees the grudge match: "Antibacterial vs. Plain Soap." 

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