There's a new push for a higher minimum wage in Michigan

Jul 24, 2013

Several groups are calling for an increase in the Michigan minimum wage to ten dollars an hour.

The current rate in Michigan is $7.40 an hour. That's higher than the national minimum wage.  Michigan is among more than a dozen states with minimum wage rates higher than the federal benchmark. 

Danielle Atkinson is with ‘Mothering Justice’, one of the groups calling on state lawmakers to increase Michigan’s minimum wage.

“We believe a hard day’s work deserves a fair pay. And it’s time for the Michigan legislature to support that as well,” says Atkinson. 

Business groups oppose increasing the minimum wage.

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce says the proposed 35% hike would lead to fewer minimum wage jobs in the state’s retail and food service industries.

Jim Holcomb is the General Counsel for the chamber.   He says “wages should be decided in the marketplace,” adding an increase in the minimum wage would “burden” employers with “unsustainable costs.”

Michigan last increased its state minimum wage in 2008.