There's still time to get a unique piece of Michigan history

Oct 16, 2015

Future state Capitol historic preservation projects will benefit from a unique lottery next Monday. 

A Capitol modillion being offered in the drawing.
Credit Michigan State Capitol Commission

One hundred pieces of decorative stonework that have adorned the Michigan state Capitol for more than a hundred years are destined to become conversation pieces on people’s bookshelves and breakfast nooks.

The ornamental brackets, called modillions, were removed as part of a recent renovation at the Capitol. The decorative pieces have suffered significant damage from the weather during their century on the Capitol building.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the number of people who’ve expressed an interest,” says Valerie Marvin, the state Capitol historian.

Marvin says more than 500 people have entered for a chance to pay $100  for one of the 25- to 40-pound pieces of Michigan state history.