Tips for older single women facing retirement alone

Oct 21, 2016


Baby boomers are retiring. While many look forward to spending more time with their spouse in their golden years, others face retirement alone.

We were joined today by Sandy Olger, who’s starting that journey, and Lisa Beatty, an attorney with Nawrocki Center.

That firm focuses on seniors. It recently held a seminar on helping women who become single later in life. Whether they are widowed or divorced, they have to adjust to life on their own, socially, financially and otherwise.

“I think so often men have a job or a hobby that they do on a regular basis, where women, pretty much your family, taking care of your husband and so forth is your life,” Olger said. “You may work, but when you get home you’ve got all that to take care of, and then you don’t. It’s gone.”

Olger lost her mother and her husband within three weeks of each other.

“So many spouses are caregiving,” Beatty said, “and all of a sudden this spouse has passed, and they don’t know what to do.”

Listen to our full conversation above for more.

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