Tire shops in overtime from flat tires due to potholes

Feb 26, 2014

Auto repair shops are getting lots of extra business this winter due to severe potholes.

Some tire shops have extended their hours and have staff working overtime to deal with all the flat tires customers got from hitting potholes.

Hisham Abraham works at Fawzi's Auto Repair in Ann Arbor. He says it's really not the kind of work he likes to do.

"You know, we don't like to see people – you know, they suffer. Some of them, they bent rims too, it's not just a tire."

Abraham says some cars can handle potholes better than others. One of his customers came in four times this winter – just to replace flat tires.

The state legislature is expected to approve about $100 million to help cities patch potholes, as well as replenish their snow-plowing budgets.