Transforming Lansing's Oliver Towers

Sep 24, 2015

Lansing’s Oliver Towers will get a multi-million dollar makeover.

Vandals, thieves and the elements combined to add to the damage done to the Oliver Towers by a fire in 2000.
Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

A fire in 2000 made the apartment building, a block from the state capitol, unlivable. 

For more than a decade, political squabbles stalled several efforts to rehab the eight story building leaving it to decay.

But a local developer cut a deal last year to buy the Oliver Towers.  Thursday, the Eyde Family company announced an $8 million rehab plan will turn the towers into a mix of office and living space by 2017.

The Eyde company plans to transform the Oliver Towers into a mix of office, retail and residential space by 2017
Credit George F Eyde Family LLC

“I couldn’t be more pleased to see this old, blighted structure get a new lease on life,” says Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero, “Oliver Towers will once again be an asset to the city instead of an eyesore.”

Eyde company has spent the past decade rehabbing older buildings in Lansing.

“Lansing is a great place to live and to work….Oliver Towers will soon offer both,” says Nick Eyde, Project Developer of the Eyde Company.

The project still needs the Lansing city council to OK some economic incentives for the developer.