Travel writer at Fodor's names 5 reasons to visit Detroit - 'right now'

Jul 10, 2013

It's easy to kick a city when it's down, and with bankruptcy just around the corner and hundreds of thousands moving away, Detroit is indeed "down."

But as those who spend any time in the city know, bright spots abound - and much has been changing in the last several years.

Dana McMahan writes for Fodor's that now is the time to visit the Motor City: 

Yes, problems persist...But a growing few are defying the odds with some really cool projects that make this an exciting time to visit.

Yoga studios, organic bakeries, galleries, creperies, coffeeshops, bookstores, breweries, pizzerias, and even a Whole Foods are springing up. A boutique hotel constructed of shipping containers is underway. A watch builder employing former auto workers is putting American-made on the high-end map (with a brand new flagship store to boot). Meanwhile, Detroit's historic legacy still thrives.


Her five reasons:

  • The Art
  • Motown and More
  • Living History
  • All-Season Sports
  • and the Food Scene

There are plenty more, why do you visit the Motor City?