True or false: Political ads don't lie

Sep 25, 2014


A recent report says you will see one political ad every two minutes on television in Michigan.

Michigan Radio's Lester Graham has been working with Bridge Magazine's Truth Squad, looking at how truthful political ads are this election cycle. Graham says one of the misconceptions of political ads is to believe that those ads don't lie.

In fact, FCC has rules in place that forbid broadcasters from challenging or changing a political candidate's ad. That gives the candidates freedom to say things that could have little resemblance to the truth. 

Graham says the political ads often leave out relevant context to mislead voters. He says research shows ads do influence people, especially negative ads. 

"Don't pay attention to political ads, go do a little bit of homework for yourself," says Graham.

Or, you can find out if the ad you are watching actually reflects the truth. There are plenty of political ads being reviewed on Truth Squad.

*Listen to the full interview with Lester Graham above.