UAW hopes second time's the charm for new contract with FCA

Oct 19, 2015

Fiat Chrysler workers, including those at the Dundee Engine plant pictured here, will vote Tuesday and Wednesday on a new contract
Credit Fiat Chrysler

Members of the United Auto Workers union begin voting on a tentative new contract with Fiat Chrysler on Tuesday.  

Union leaders are being less passive after the rank and file rejected the first tentative deal in September. 

For the second tentative contract, the union hired an outside public relations firm and engaged with members on Facebook and Twitter to explain the terms. 

Voting on this contract will take place over two days, instead of two weeks, giving critics a lot less time to criticize and drum up resistance. 

The union will also announce the total vote - not plant by plant results - later this week.

The first time around, early media reports of the contract being voted down at specific plants may have contributed to a perception by later-voting members that the contract's defeat was inevitable.