Water infrastructure summit planned for Flint

Jul 4, 2016

This fall, water experts from around the world are expected to come to Flint for a summit on water infrastructure issues.

Flint’s water crisis has become a symbol for the problems facing aging water systems.

Bryce Feighner is special advisor on drinking water with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. He’s helping to organize the summit.

Feighner says they’re reaching out to experts across the U.S. and Europe, seeking innovative answers to the problems that Flint and other cities with aging, faltering municipal water systems face.

“The issue’s pertinent to this city. But it’s not an issue that’s strictly limited to this city,” says Feighner. “The reality is cities across this entire state and across this entire nation are facing the same infrastructure problems.”

Feighner says specifics are still being worked out. They hope to schedule the summit for November.