Wayne County must improve jail conditions, judge says

Feb 17, 2015

Credit Flickr user FatMandy / http://michrad.io/1LXrdJM

A judge says Wayne County must take steps to improve the condition of its current jail.

An opinion from Circuit Court Judge Timothy Kenny says problems with the old jail have gotten worse while the county focused its efforts on building a new jail. Kenny says the completion of the new jail is not "imminent."

Problems at the old jail include a crumbling kitchen, floors that can't be cleaned well enough to prevent insect and rodent problems, fly larvae in the shower drains, and more.

Prison officials testified that they are falling behind on maintenance due to a lack of funds. Some problems, like the kitchen floors, were allowed to stay this way because the new jail building was forthcoming.

Kenny ordered officials to create a maintenance plan and hire additional maintenance staff.

- Paige Pfleger, Michigan Radio Newsroom