Week in Review: Colbeck loses committee spots and Snyder's Legionnaires' testimony is questioned

Oct 14, 2017

A Republican candidate for governor was booted off his Senate committees this week. Sen. Patrick Colbeck (R- Canton) says Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof (R-Grand Haven) ousted him because he attended an event in Meekhoff's district without telling him. This Week in Review, Weekend Edition host Rebecca Kruth and senior news analyst Jack Lessenberry talk about whether this is a case of a rogue politician or just politics as usual.

They also talk about a congressional panel's request for Gov. Snyder to clarify his timeline for the 2015 Legionnaires' disease outbreak, a push in Lansing to get rid of the State Board of Education, and a new climate change study that has both good news and bad news for Michigan.