The week in review: Mackinac Policy Conference, Schauer runs for Governor, and the Ambassador Bridge

Jun 1, 2013

On Saturdays, Michigan Radio's Rina Miller checks in with our political analyst, Jack Lessenberry.  

This week, Lessenberry attended the Mackinac Policy Conference.

He says one of the takeaways this year is that the business community is happy with the state's direction.

"[They are] encouraged by the direction in which Michigan is going. They're very happy in general with Governor Synder, but there's a lot of concern about education," Lessenberry said.

Education was discussed more this year than in past years.  

Mark Schauer's run

Former Michigan Congressman Mark Schauer made it official this week. He will run for governor next year.

Governor Snyder hasn’t yet said whether he’ll run for re-election.

Lessenberry believes the Governor will run for re-election and says Schauer is "certainly an underdog."

He says it's rare for a sitting governor in Michigan to not be re-elected for a second term.

"[Schauer] is probably a longshot, the polls show there's a lot dissatisfaction with Governor Snyder and Mark Schauer is leading in some of the polls," said Lessenberry.

 The Bridge debate returns

Ambassador Bridge owner Matty Moroun is asking a federal judge to toss out a presidential permit that will allow a competing bridge to be built nearby.

Lessenberry says he spoke to Roy Norton, the Canadian Council General in charge of the bridge, and he's not very worried about that. But Lessenberry says they are worried about the U.S. Congress. There is concern Congress will not grant the money needed build a new customs plaza.