What are your #electionfeels? Selfie it out

Jan 25, 2016

This week on Stateside, we're talking election feelings.

NPR's National Political Correspondent Mara Liasson gave us this look into why voters have such strong emotions this year, on everything from terrorism, to jobs, to elitism.  

Now we want to hear from you:

How are you feeling about this year's election? 

Do your best emoji impression, take a selfie, and send it to us at stateside@michiganradio.org with a short description of what you're feeling about Elections 2016.

You can also share it with us on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #electionfeels.

To get selfie-ready, take a listen to the story and consider some of the questions making voters anxious this year:

  • Do you feel like you're a part of the middle class? Do you feel that you have a chance to move up? 
  • Do you feel the government is doing enough to keep America safe from terrorism?
  • Do you feel like you recognize yourself in the nation?

Throughout the week we'll be featuring your #electionfeels on our website and on social media