What does college access look like in Michigan? Highlights from our Issues and Ale conversation

Oct 7, 2015

We spent our evening in Kalamazoo October 6, 2015 talking college affordability and access with our State of Opportunity team and a panel of special guests.

Our panel included John Bebow, President and CEO of the Center for Michigan, first generation University of Michigan graduate student Adam Eickmeyer, and Jamie Bennett of Western Michigan University's Center for Fostering Success, and was moderated by State of Opportunity's Jennifer White.

We had a great discussion with lots of audience questions about the value of college in Michigan today.

Some of the questions we addressed included:

Are "general education" requirements worth it?

How can students make sure they won't waste money switching majors?

Are high schools doing enough to prepare students for college?

Check out some highlights from last night in our Issues and Ale twitter feed: