What questions do you have about Michigan's drinking water?

Apr 21, 2017

Credit Laura Nawrocik / FLICKR - HTTP://J.MP/1SPGCL0

Michigan Radio's Issues & Ale series will stop at Bell's Brewery on Tuesday, April 25 from 6:30-8 p.m. to talk about the challenges facing Michigan's drinking water. 

From water diversion and pollution to our aging infrastructure system, the Environment Report's Rebecca Williams will lead a panel of experts through a conversation about some of the biggest threats.

We want to make sure that conversation answers your biggest questions. So what do you want to know about drinking water in Michigan? 

If you're able to attend the event, ask your questions in person. If not...

Submit your questions below.


To hear your questions answered, listen to the audio above. 

For more information about Issues & Ale – Protecting Our Drinking water, click here.