When a Super Bowl ad airs during the big game is very important

Jan 31, 2015

Score big by scoring early.  

That’s the advice from a Michigan State University instructor to companies advertising during the Super Bowl.

Credit footballjobshq.com

Every year, Robert Kolt hosts a Super Bowl party with others in the MSU advertising and public relations department. They focus more on the TV commercials than the game. Afterwards, they rate the best and the worst Super Bowl ads

Kolt says, with most years games being lopsided affairs, companies are better off running ads in the first quarter.

“If you take the gamble and roll the dice and you’re in the final two minute break in the Super Bowl in a really tight game, you have hit the lottery jackpot,” says Kolt.

At four and a half million dollars for a thirty second spot, it’s very important for advertisers to win that jackpot.