White House LGBT Summit in Dearborn looks at school policies, transgender youth

Apr 21, 2016

Credit David King / Flickr Creative Commons bit.ly/1iowB8m

White House and federal officials met with LGBT advocates in Metro Detroit on Thursday, as part of a summit focused on creating safe schools and improving health for transgender youth.

The Department of Education has said for more than a year now that under Title IX, schools are legally required to treat transgender kids "consistent with their gender identity in all aspects" – including letting students use the bathroom that fits their gender identity.

And the Michigan Board of Education is under fire from Republican lawmakers for issuing draft, optional guidelines for schools that encourage adopting similar policies.

This week, a federal appeals court in Virginia ruled in favor of a transgender boy, who sued his school for not letting him use the boys restroom.

Meanwhile, the Office of Civil Rights is investigating a Michigan school district – Bedford Public Schools – for alleged discrimination against transgender students.