World notices that a) it's cold, and b) Michigan has a city named Hell

Jan 8, 2014

Hell, Mich., got down to 13 degrees below zero Fahrenheit during the deep freeze, and headline writers around the web jumped for joy.

The BBC has a short video describing how "Town of Hell Freezes over in the US."

Time Magazine declares, "It's Official: Hell Has Frozen Over."

The International Business Times has a bonus for you (a photo), "See You In Hell, Polar Vortex 2014? Even Hell (Michigan) Can't Escape Cold Weather [PHOTO]."

The Daily Mail puts it in caps, "It's so cold that now HELL has frozen over: Michigan town falls victim to record cold temperatures."

And Gizmodo UK uses the archaic third person singular present of have, "Hell Hath Frozen Over. Literally."

Even George Takai joined in on the fun:

Yep, Michigan has a town called Hell, and it's cold there!