Yankee Air Musuem wants to hear from "Rosies" for U.S. Library of Congress project

Mar 28, 2017

Original Rosie the Riveters are wanted for a project with the U.S. Library of Congress.



The Yankee Air Museum wants to interview those women who contributed to America’s victory in World War II by working jobs usually occupied by men at the time. 



Julie Osborne, the curator at the museum, says the museum has been collecting interviews from veterans for at least a decade before this project.



“Why are we only capturing one side of the story when the women and the home front workers provided just as much help and vital information to win the war on the home front,” Osborne said. 



This call for Rosies is a part of the “Save the Bomber Plant” initiative.



“The Willow Run Bomber Plant was being threatened to be demolished, so we started this Save the Bomber Plant campaign to help preserve a portion of the plant,” Osborne said. 



Osborne says the interviews will become a permanent exhibit at the museum eventually, and will be made available through the U.S. Library of Congress.



“These interviews will be accessible to people around the world, so they can hear what it was like for these women during this time,” she said.