Your first job can teach some harsh life lessons, especially for recent grads

Dec 10, 2013

We spend a huge chunk of our lives in school. But the educational system and the real world are two different places.

In school, there are rules. Everyone has a chance to get an A, no matter what you look like. But that idea of fairness changes in the real world.

For people at their first job out of college, it might be a slap in the face to learn that your appearance is often just as important as your abilities.

Haley Foydel graduated from the University of Michigan last spring, and in June she moved to New York for her first job out of college. They gave her bonuses and her contract promised her expensive suits. But things changed quickly when a manager approached her on her first day of work and told her she needed to change the way she looked.

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-- Lucy Perkins, Michigan Radio Newsroom