Youth cycling group gets kids back on bikes to promote more bike-friendly Traverse City

Sep 14, 2016

It used to be that getting to school meant hopping on your bike.

But when Ty Schmidt moved to Traverse City ten years ago, something stuck him: crowded bike racks outside schools had been replaced with long lines of cars at drop-off and pick-up.

That led Schmidt and his wife Johanna to launch an effort to get kids to ride their bikes - safely - to and from school. 

From that grew an all-out effort to build a more bike-friendly Traverse City by inspiring its kids through bicycles. 

The group is called Norte!

Schmidt spoke with us today about why it's important to get kids to ride their bikes and how getting more folks on bikes has changed the city. 

Listen to the interview today on Stateside today at 3 and 10pm.

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