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Ford Field vaccine site closes as state pivots to "hyperlocal" outreach

As the mass vaccination in the heart of Detroit at Ford Field closes down, state officials leading Michigan’s COVID vaccine campaign are switching their focus to hyper-local in-person efforts to get more people inoculated.

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Detroit names James White as interim police chief

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James White
Michigan Dept. of Civil Rights

Detroit has an interim police chief. James White returns to the department after a few months as executive director of the Michigan Department of Civil Rights. White was an assistant police chief in the city for seven years under outgoing chief James Craig.

White says he will seek the permanent job, and gave praise to his predecessor.

a man in on a crane paints a sign
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A new welcome sign lit up in the Village of Sanford Monday, just less than one year after a flood washed the old one away.

“It was wiped away down to the base,” said village president Dolores Porte.

men carrying guns in a belt holster
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Democrats in the Legislature – with the backing of Governor Gretchen Whitmer – are renewing a push for tougher gun laws.

The centerpiece of a bill package would require background checks of everyone who tries to buy a firearm in Michigan. It’s similar to a proposal being debated in Congress to expand background checks beyond what’s currently required under federal law.

City of Detroit

Detroit broke ground on a greenway named for one of its most legendary citizens on Monday.

The 27.5-mile bike and walkway is named for the late boxing legend Joe Louis. The loop will connect the Detroit Riverfront to a number of neighborhoods, and run through parts of Dearborn, Hamtramck, and Highland Park.

A farm with a wind turbine
Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Republicans have introduced a new bill in the state Senate to stop what wind-rich communities are calling a "bait and switch" by utilities.

Rick Sundquist is an attorney with Clark Hill. He represents a coalition of local governments in Huron, Gratiot, and Isabella counties, where Michigan's wind parks are located.

Sundquist says communities that agreed to let wind parks in did so based on a depreciation table established by the Michigan Tax Commission. The table told them how much tax revenue they'd get from the wind parks over the years of their natural lifespan.

buckets full of cloth masks
Tami Davis

To mask or not to mask? Now that Governor Gretchen Whitmer has reoriented her benchmarks on COVID-19 restrictions to align with the CDC, questions remain with businesses and individuals about when masking is appropriate. Today on Stateside, an update on mask mandates from Lansing, a conversation with a small business owner on what she will do at her store, and a UM professor emeritus on the line between mandate and personal responsibility. Plus, we hear from a Saugatuck author on his new novel.

Updated May 17, 2021 at 5:38 PM ET

President Biden on Monday announced his intention to ship surplus doses of the coronavirus vaccine to needy nations abroad, including millions of doses of the U.S.-authorized Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. The majority of the planned shipments will be of the AstraZeneca vaccine, which does not yet have authorization for use in the United States.

woman gets COVID vaccine
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Earlier in the pandemic, health officials were worried Indigenous populations would be hesitant to get a COVID vaccine. Now, they’re among the most vaccinated populations in the country. That's according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In Michigan, community nurses say there was already a lot of trust in tribal health centers that administer the shots.

saba saed holds a palestinian flag that says it was, is, and always will remain palestine
Caroline Llanes / Michigan Radio

Thousands of people gathered at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center in Dearborn Sunday afternoon to express their support for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem. People of all ages sang, danced, wore kufiya scarves, and waved Palestinian flags large and small.

The United Nations says Israeli airstrikes have killed more than 180 Palestinians in the past week, and Hamas missiles have killed at least ten people in Israel.


Michigan’s mask mandate is lifted in most situations for people who are fully vaccinated. Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced that last week. That was following new guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

But there are still lots of questions to sort through.

School administrators are wondering what this will mean for in-person classes when some students are fully vaccinated and some are not. 


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