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For the first time, multiple women speak out about former U-M provost's alleged sexual misconduct

Emily Renda’s ex-boyfriend was stalking her. It was 2012, and as a 28-year-old with a master’s degree in public health, she’d recently started a job she loved: working as a global health and student life coordinator at her alma mater, the School of Public Health at the University of Michigan.

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Washtenaw County health officials say a large house party in the Saline area over the Fourth of July weekend has lead to a spike in COVID-19 cases that is rapidly spreading as infectious people exposed others at “retail stores, restaurants, businesses, canoe liveries, clubs, camps, athletic teams and a retirement community.”

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In just six to eight weeks, Michigan’s K - 12 students will be returning to school for the fall semester. 

Most districts appear to be planning for at least a limited number of days of in-person teaching.

But cases of COVID-19 are increasing in the state, and teachers are anxious about the risks for them, their students and their own families. 

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The Michigan Civil Service Commission has adopted a rule that says state employees must decide every year whether they will pay union dues. A lawsuit is possible because state employee unions say the rule violates existing collective bargaining agreements.

The rule will also eliminate the fee paid by employees who opt of the union but are still represented in contract talks.

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Housing advocates are asking Governor Gretchen Whitmer to extend the moratorium on evictions. The moratorium was originally put in place in March, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, it has been extended four times via executive order. It is now set to expire at 12:01 a.m. on July 16


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Billionaire businessman Manuel “Matty” Moroun has died. He was 93.

Moroun is best known as the longtime owner of the Ambassador Bridge. He bought the bridge in 1979, and fought long and hard to keep it the only bridge spanning between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario.

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Monday, the Lansing city council may take a step toward considering slashing the city’s police department budget by 50%.

Councilman Brandon Betz says his proposal is about “re-envisioning public safety”.

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Monday, Saginaw City Council is expected to have a discussion about a local monument honoring the “First White Man” to visit the Saginaw Valley.

The monument honors Henri Nouvel, a Catholic missionary who traveled through the region in the 1600’s.

toll road.  This shows the two common methods of collection of tolls: toll booth (on right) and electronic toll collection (on left).
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The Michigan Department of Transportation will hire an outside firm to study the potential of converting some freeways into toll roads. That’s under state Senate Bill 517 signed Wednesday by Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

The governor is looking for ways to generate more revenue to fix roads. Legislative leaders rejected Whitmer’s call for a gas tax increase to pay for road repairs. But some GOP lawmakers have expressed an interest in toll roads. The bill to study tolls as an option was sponsored by state Senator John Bizon (R-Battle Creek).

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A legal dispute between Michigan and a Native American tribe might be affected by a U.S. Supreme Court decision last week. 

The nation’s highest court found that centuries-old treaties between tribes and the U.S. government remain in effect, even if they have long been ignored. 

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Michigan firefighters have new rules for when they use firefighting foam containing industrial chemicals known as PFAS.


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