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State chips in money for project to try to "destroy" PFAS in wastewater

The swirling liquid rushes into concrete channels behind a black chain-link fence.

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New MI prison education facility could sit vacant if state budget fight continues

John Auchter

It's not that there wasn't anything going on in Michigan this week. There was plenty. And there always is plenty for an editorial cartoonist to pick from. It's just that, when there are active impeachment hearings implicating the President of the United States, it is awfully difficult to concentrate on anything else.

A stack of books on a table.

The word “education” doesn’t appear in the United States Constitution, but should students be guaranteed a basic level of literacy in order to fully participate in American democracy? 

Women's prison
Michigan Department of Corrections

The Michigan Department of Corrections has been hit with a class-action lawsuit on behalf of inmates who say they've been overwhelmed by chronic mold and other unsanitary conditions at the state's only prison for women.

garlin gilchrist
Cheyna Roth / Michigan Radio

Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist became the first African American Lieutenant Governor to sign a bill into law Thursday.

a young black boy raises his hand at a desk with a book on it
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Today on Stateside, General Motors is suing rival automaker Fiat Chrysler. We’ll hear about how corruption charges against the UAW and Fiat Chrysler are at the heart of the lawsuit. Plus, a case before a federal appeals court looks at whether some Detroit students’ constitutional rights were violated by subpar learning environments and instruction.

City of Howell

The Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy has discovered a toxic chemical in the air near a manufacturing plant in Howell.

Officials say the pollution poses a an "imminent and substantial" danger to the public. The department announced an investigation into trichloroethylene (TCE) vapor intrusion and outdoor air emissions Tuesday, and a public meeting will be held Thursday evening.

Scott Wheeler was born and raised in what's known as the Northeast Kingdom, the rugged and beautiful countryside where Vermont abuts Canada. Even so, he didn't realize he was supposed to check in with Canadian immigration authorities when driving across the border recently.

Two polite, officious Mounties tell him to make a U-turn and follow them back to the port of entry where he's questioned about his intentions inside Quebec. He explains his mistake, and eventually, the Mounties return his identification and he's free to go.

Detroit Police Department

Update: Detroit Police Chief James Craig has identified the deceased officer as Rasheen McClain, 46, a 16-year DPD veteran working out of the city's 12th precinct.

Craig called McClain's death a "heartbreaking day" for the Detroit Police Department.

McClain was "a  leader. Very tactical, very much about doing a great job," said Craig, adding that the slain officer made a “conscious decision that it was time to go in and deal with a very dangerous situation.”

General Motors

United Auto Workers President Gary Jones announced on Wednesday that he’s stepping down as president and retiring from the UAW.

That comes just as the union announced it was moving to expel Jones and another top UAW official, Region 5 Director Vance Pearson.

FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne and UAW President Dennis Williams

General Motors has filed an unprecedented federal racketeering lawsuit against its crosstown Detroit rival, Fiat Chrysler.


Life on the Inside: Stories from a Michigan prison

Stateside’s week-long series will capture what life is like for the people who live and work inside Lakeland Correctional Facility.

Joshua Johnson stepping down as 1A host

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