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No-till farming could cut greenhouse gases significantly

We know that burning fossil fuels releases a lot of greenhouse gases. But there are other human-caused sources that contribute to climate change. As Lester Graham with the Environment Report found, one of them is how farmers plant crops.

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Life on the Inside: Stories from a Michigan prison

Stateside’s week-long series will capture what life is like for the people who live and work inside Lakeland Correctional Facility.

Mornings in Michigan: Starting a day in prison

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This has been a hard year for Michigan farmers, and more attention needs to be paid to farmers' emotional well-being, according to Jim Zook, executive director of the Michigan Corn Growers Association.

"Nobody has seen a year that has dealt with so many challenges that we've seen with the weather, the markets, the trade, the politics," said Zook. "All of that together has gelled to have quite a storm."

Michigan farmers have been struggling this year because of volatile weather and markets. 

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An effort is underway to improve property values in some Flint neighborhoods.

Driving through Flint’s north side, it’s not uncommon to see nicely kept single family homes sitting next door to vacant and blighted homes.

A new program hopes to rehab those blighted homes, and in turn bring in first time homebuyers and improve property values around the entire neighborhood.

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Doctors say a 17-year-old faces a long recovery after undergoing a double lung transplant after suffering from a vaping-related lung illness.

The teen was hospitalized back on Sept. 5th for what doctors originally diagnosed as pneumonia. But his condition deteriorated quickly. In less than two weeks, his lungs grew so weak that he had to be placed on a machine just to keep him alive.

He celebrated his birthday waiting for a transplant.

He was transferred to Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit where he underwent a double lung transplant last month.

A snow-covered farm

Today on Stateside, this year’s multiple weather-related curveballs have spelled out an uncertain future for some of Michigan’s corn farmers. Plus, we hear from a Michigander whose future depends on the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court decision on the fate of the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

michigan senate majority leader mike shirkey

Democratic lawmakers are criticizing remarks by Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey (R-Clarklake).

During a recent appearance on Radio Free Hillsdale, Shirkey said allowing abortion is comparable to “the scourge we endured when we still had slavery in this country.”

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A former McDonald's employee from Michigan has filed a proposed class action lawsuit against the company. The lawsuit was filed in Ingham County Circuit Court this morning, and is being backed by the ACLU and TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund.

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Public impeachment hearings begin Wednesday, and the first round of witnesses includes three career public servants who have testified behind closed doors that President Trump did link military aid and a White House meeting for Ukraine with a promise to investigate one of the president's domestic political opponents.

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“I do solemnly swear or affirm…” Flint Mayor Sheldon Neeley repeated as he took his oath of office on Monday, before an overflow crowd at Flint City Hall.

Neeley defeated incumbent Mayor Karen Weaver last week in a very close election.

In his address, Neeley repeatedly stressed the need for unity going forward.

Neeley also urged Flint residents to take a similar oath.

The International Symbol of Access
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A federal lawsuit against two Detroit-area Kohl’s department stores can go forward. The stores in Novi and Northville are accused of violating the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Daimeon Mosley from Arizona says their bathrooms are not accessible.

A lower court said that Mosley did not have standing and his case could not go forward. The court said that’s because Mosley is not from Michigan and he had only been to the stores once.

Mosley argued that he does because he has family in Michigan and is likely to return to the Kohl’s department stores.

Veterans Day in Flint.
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Today on Stateside, a veteran advocate says that Michigan veterans are not getting connected to the benefits they’ve earned. Plus, we talk to one of the last living members of the Tuskegee Airmen, a legendary all-black military unit that flew combat missions during World War II.


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