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When Ann Arbor pool closes to people, dogs have their days

Baby's breath, an invasive flower affecting the Great Lakes sand dunes
Sarah Lamar / Grand Valley State University

Today on Stateside, 46,000 General Motors factors workers are on strike after the United Auto Workers union and GM failed to reach a contract agreement this weekend. Plus, a popular flower in floral arrangements, baby's breath is actually an invasive species that is damaging coastal dune ecosystems around the Great Lakes. 

Downtown Grand Rapids
Grguy2011 / Public Domain

A group that helps resettle immigrants and refugees in West Michigan is worried about the Trump administration's plans dramatically reduce to the annual cap on the number of refugees admitted into the United States.

headshot of Valorie Kondos Field
Courtesy of Valorie Kondos Field


Michigan was ground zero for a scandal rocked the world of gymnastics and revealed widespread athlete abuse in the sport. In January 2018, hundreds of young women delivered blistering impact statements at the sentencing hearings for serial pedophile Larry Nassar in Ingham and Eaton County courtrooms. 

Michigan State University, USA Gymnastics, and the U.S. Olympic Committee were all called out for failing to protect young athletes. Private gyms and coaches across the country have also been investigated for abusive behavior.

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The state has notified thousands of employees they could soon get layoff notices, unless Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the Legislature’s Republican leaders resolve a budget standoff.

A demolition on Detroit's east side.
Sarah Hulett / Michigan Radio

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan has outlined a program to the City Council to eliminate residential blight from all Detroit neighborhoods by mid-2025.

Duggan has proposed asking voters to give the city authority to sell up to $250 million in bonds.

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Plans to make Michigan a sports betting state are moving through the state Legislature. A package of bills is scheduled to be voted out of a House committee Tuesday.

The bills would create a Division of Sports Betting in the state’s Gaming Control Board. If passed, the division would create rules, license sports betting establishments and oversee organizations with sports betting licenses.

Opponents of expanding gambling in the state say it could negatively impact the state lottery, which puts money toward the state’s schools.

wood gavel in front of book
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A state lawmaker wants to close a loophole in Michigan’s marital rape law. A person currently cannot be convicted of rape solely because they had sexual intercourse with their spouse, while the spouse was mentally incapacitated.

It’s an exception in the state’s marital rape laws. And Representative Laurie Pohutsky (D-Livonia) has introduced a bill to get rid of the exception.

Sometimes people send us questions that we avoid trying to answer. We don't do this to be mean.

The problem is, some questions we get have answers that are too long and complicated to explain within the confines of this segment.

This week though, we're throwing caution to the wind. We're finally going to tackle "between you and I."

A solar farm developed by Cypress Creek Renewables
Cypress Creek Renewables

The Michigan Public Service Commission has given the green light to a case settlement between Consumers Energy and independent solar companies that could dramatically increase solar power in Michigan.

Michigan currently has about 167 megawatts of capacity from solar, which is not a whole lot.   Consumers Energy has agreed to buy 584 megawatts of additional solar from independent companies over the next four years.  

Noah Hyte is with Cypress Creek Renewables, one of the companies party to the agreement. He says there's enough sun in Michigan to make it worthwhile to build lots of solar here.

Sarah Hulett / Michigan Radio

Residents and activists are demanding answers about exactly what happened at Detroit’s Marathon oil refinery on Thursday.

Marathon says an “unintentional release of vapor” at the southwest Detroit facility caused it to evacuate employees, call in the Detroit Fire Department, and led to some temporary road closures. Two Marathon workers were reportedly hospitalized, and the company did not address inquiries about their condition on Friday.


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