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Michigan sees increases across all COVID-19 metrics

Michigan continues to lead the country in dismal COVID-19 indicators, according to a Wednesday update by the state's Department of Health and Human Services. The state update used data as of April 3. Over the past week, Michigan has had the highest number of cases and the highest case rate in the country.

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In the summer of 1967 chaos broke out in the streets of Detroit. After five days of violence 43 were dead, thousands were injured and over 4000 people had been arrested.

This summer – forty years later – Michigan Radio takes an in-depth look at the deadliest riot of the 1960's. Why did the riots begin? What fueled them? And, have we ever really recovered?

Our documentary, "Ashes to Hope: Overcoming the Detroit Riots" explores how the riots affected people, neighborhoods and even music. It explores questions such as: Whether it was truly a riot? Or, a rebellion? Is the "white-flight" that we see today in Detroit a consequence of the riots? Did the riots cripple the relationship between the state of Michigan and Detroit?

We also hear from Michigan Radio reporters as well as first-hand accounts of what it was like to be in Detroit during the riot.


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COVID variant “like a powder keg” amidst surge in cases, hospitalizations

With more than 3,500 Michiganders in the hospital with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infections, the state’s hospitalizations have hit their highest point since December. Meanwhile, a surge in cases predominantly among younger, unvaccinated residents means Michigan is now adding more new cases per day than any other state, based on population size.

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