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The Amplify team's goal is to connect people living in Michigan with the resources and information they need to thrive. Our reporting, how-to guides, and community events will help you become your own best advocate on basic needs like housing, public safety, health and more.

Recent Stories
Here’s a timeline of events from the mid- to late-1980s, when rent control was a hot topic in Michigan.
Header of rent control control story featuring protest pictures from the 80s and city council screenshots
Designed by Nisa Khan, images from Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan

Helpful Guides

Get resources on a range of topics from housing needs, due process rights, and more.

How to escrow your rent in Michigan
This guide looks at escrow in Michigan, its risks, and what resources may be available in your area. Escrow is one of the tools tenants have to deal with housing problems when landlords are unresponsive.
Detroit renters with building problems do have options. Here's how to protect yourselves.
Michigan Radio consulted residents, lawyers, academics, and activists to round up what renters can do to protect themselves when building problems go unaddressed.
Thousands of Michigan children are eligible for free school meals. Here’s how you can make sure your kid gets theirs.
COVID-era universal school lunches — where all kids were given free meals regardless of income, feeding an additional 10 million students nationwide — has ended.
How you can protect yourself online, post-Roe
Abortion is still legal in Michigan. But many privacy advocates are urging caution about online activity that could be used to prosecute people seeking or assisting with abortion services.
A guide to understanding due process rights in Wayne County jails
A Michigan Radio analysis found that as of January 2022, at least 120 people were being held in pre-trial detention at a Wayne County jail for more than 18 months. We’ve created this guide to help you understand due process rights, and ways you can support a loved one in pre-trial detention.

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Amplify Events

The Amplify Team often holds events related to the stories they report in the communities that are affected by those stories. See photos from some of these events below:

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