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Attack of the ArtPod!


It’s baaaaaack. After a brief hiatus (we missed you, too!) ArtPod is bigger and better than ever, bringing you all the Michigan artists and thinkers we’re following now.

This week, we’re hashing out the best of the Arab American film festival in Dearborn. Every festival has its inside-baseball politics about which films get in and which don’t. But Sundance just might be a cakewalk compared with trying to tackle the Arab spring and the Syrian conflict in just one week of screenings.

We hear from the guy who’s got that job, and we get the rundown on his favorite picks of the year.  

We’re also heading to a Detroit shelter for LGBT teens. Michigan Radio’s Kyle Norris tells us how these young men (and a handful of women) are making their own kind of families, with a little help from Madonna: it’s called vogue dancing, and for gay youth in Detroit, it’s brave stuff. You’ve gotta hear this story, and then you need to check out this video:


Then, we cut the baby boomers some slack for a change: sure, they’re notoriously self-obsessed and nostalgic for those groovy gone-by years of their youth. But guess what? So are Millenials! (Hint: young adults born after 1981.)

For proof, look no further than Frontier Ruckus, a folk-rock country band whose new album is an ode to growing up in 90’s suburbia. Ah yes, the good old days when all girls were named Caitlin and “Doug” cartoons were appointment television.

So it’s only right that the generation that brought you bromance now gives you four guys with one banjo, the requisite amount of hipstery facial hair, and some yearning tunes about the days when they were too young to see “Reality Bites.”   

And as always, we want to hear from you. ArtPod can’t be everywhere (although we sure do try, but sometimes ArtPod needs a nap and some snacks, just like any podcast) so step up and let us know what we’re missing in Michigan’s art world.

Leave a comment below or go to www.michiganradio.org and click on “Share Your Story.” We may not be able to get back to each one of you, but we really do read everything you send us. And thanks!  

Kate Wells is a Peabody Award-winning journalist currently covering public health and the COVID-19 pandemic.