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Happy Latinx Heritage Month from NPR!

NPR Celebrates Latinx Heritage Month!
Sommer Hill
NPR Celebrates Latinx Heritage Month!

¡Hola! /Hello!

We are celebrating Latinx Heritage Month, starting today until October 15, with special programming across NPR and Member stations on the air, in our podcasts, music and social media reflecting on the diversity of the Latinx community and highlighting our latinidad.

We also have new Tiny Desk concerts and will be featuring different genres of Latin music. Check them out and celebrate with us!

Happy Latinx Heritage Month!

NPR celebra desde hoy hasta el 15 de octubre el Mes de la Herencia Latina/Hispana, con una programación especial a través de todo NPR, NPR Music, estaciones locales, podcasts, y en las redes sociales resaltando la diversidad de la comunidad Latina y nuestra latinidad.

Como parte de la programación especial de NPR Music, regresa El Tiny, presentando los diferentes géneros de la música latina. ¡Ven y celebra con nosotros el Mes de la Herencia Latina!

NPR Music:

El Tiny - For the second year in a row, Tiny Desk is celebrating Latinx Heritage Month with an "El Tiny" takeover of the concert series. The all star Latinx lineup includes: Omar Apollo, Carin León, Girl Ultra, Trueno, Jessie Reyez, Susana Baca, Tokischa, Carla Morrison and Farruko.

To read more, click this press release

Listening Party:

NPR Music is hosting a new Listening Party Friday, Sept 16th at 2pm EST featuring the latest release from Jessie Reyez, and an interview with Anamaria Sayre!

NPR Podcasts:


The global Latinx community is evolving and growing fast. Alt.Latino is here to celebrate it and all of its nuances through music. Each episode, NPR Music's Felix Contreras and Anamaria Sayre sit down with a different living legend or rising star to discuss Latinx culture, heritage, and the shared borders of our experiences. Let the chisme begin.

Read more about the new season and new co-host Anamaria Sayre: HERE"

New episodes of Alt.Latino are available every Wednesday. Listen: HERE.

Radio Ambulante

NPR's Spanish language podcast, Radio Ambulante, launches a new season on September 20!

In this twelfth season and seventh as part of NPR, we will release 30 new episodes from Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Puerto Rico, among others. The stories will be funny, moving, delusional, and emotional. Episodes will be released weekly.

Después de dos años y medio de pandemia, para el lanzamiento de la temporada 12 el próximo 20 de septiembre, Radio Ambulante quiere reunir a sus oyentes en persona: el primer episodio será compartido simultáneamente con decenas de Clubes de Escucha en varias ciudades del mundo. Encuentra aquí más información sobre cómo asistir.

Short Wave:

Episode featuring paleoclimatologist Celina Suarez:

200 million years ago, a ripple of volcanic eruptions broke apart Pangea and triggered a mass extinction--one that allowed the dinosaurs to rise to power. But how did the dinos survive where the reptile-like phytosaurs couldn't? Paleoclimatologists like Celina Suarez are digging for clues in ancient rocks and fossils to answer that very question. In this episode, a classic whodunnit: how did the dinos take over?

Episode featuring oceanographer Alfredo Giron:

Roughly twenty percent of all seafood sold is caught illegally or outside the bounds of fishing regulations, making illegal, unregulated and unreported catch one of the biggest challenges facing the global effort towards sustainable fisheries. Alfredo Giron is a program lead at the World Economic Forum focused on using technology and big data to help seafood companies eliminate illegally caught fish from their supply chain. He talks with Short Wave about his project, how working towards sustainable oceans is as much about managing people as fish, and what seafood we should never buy at the grocery store.


Four projects selected for NPR and LAist Studios first Oye Lab for Latinx Creators

Over the course of this six-week virtual workshop, NPR and LAist Studios will work with the finalists from across the country to develop their projects, which center the Latinx + Latino/a/e experience. Oye participants will receive training, coaching, and resources to develop their pitch and pilot, a proof of concept, and a stipend to cover labor and time spent on the project.

Find their stories below:

Excessive: A Podcast About Being too Much

Host Monica Morales-Garcia explores Latinx fashion within our society, where there is a "right way" to look and sound. Excessive is a celebration of the aesthetics often labeled tacky or too much, while still investigating the complicated power they hold.

Monica Morales-Garcia (she/they) is a multimedia journalist and fashion scholar from Santa Ana, California. A former fellow at Latino USA, they obtained a Master of Arts from California State University, Fullerton where their research explored the intersection of labor and fashion through auto-ethnographic work.


This series aims to resurface the legacies of trailblazing Afro Latina women and men across Central and South America, and uncover the histories and social movements behind the stories to revise a whitewashed Latin American perspective.

Lamar Bailey Karamañites is an Afropanamanian activist, educator, and facilitator, and is currently pursuing her Master's at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. She's part of Uhuru Valencia, an organization fighting against anti-black racism and creating a community of Black, African, Afrodescendant and Afro European people of all ages and origins.

Dash Harris Machado is a Peabody-award winning multimedia producer, coach, facilitator and doula. Dash is the producer of NEGRO: A docu-series about Latino Identity. She also co-founded AfroLatinx Travel, which builds community and connections among Afro descendants through travel and sustainable tourism.

The Incredible Man

This series explores the impact of Kaliman, a popular superhero in Latin America in the late twentieth century. Our host uncovers the surprising parallels between the hero, his own story, and his father's childhood in Central America.

Brian Aguilar is an LA native with a degree in Film/TV Production from USC. After listening to Serial, he quickly became fascinated by audio storytelling and has worked on a dozen shows in film and audio since then.

El Closet

What happens when you are caught between two worlds that feel at extreme odds with one another but are a lot more similar than you think? This series explores the stories of queer Latinx folks raised in conservative, evangelical households and follows their journeys in redefining belonging.

Jess Alvarenga is an audio producer and documentary filmmaker from the US South, who has worked at Futuro and Reveal. They use storytelling as a way to document and reimagine immigrant narratives, particularly that of the Central American Diaspora.

Oye brings together two trusted organizations that are known for discovery of emerging talent and providing platforms for new voices. NPR is one of the top podcast publishers per the Podtrac ranking, with 5 shows in the top 20 Podtrac list.

NPR News:

Latino legends helped pave the way in Hollywood, but the road is still rocky by Mandalit Del Barco

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NPR Member station Hispanic Heritage Month landing pages and plans:

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    Sommer Hill
    Sommer Hill (she/her) is the social media associate for NPR Extra. She started with NPR in May 2021. Her primary responsibilities include managing the social media accounts for NPR Extra, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok, as well as managing the NPR Extra blog.