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Pontiac school district sends warning about marijuana edibles in schools


The Pontiac school district is "strongly discouraging" parents from sending their children to school with homemade baked snacks or commercially packaged snacks, especially with unfamiliar branding.

In a letter to district parents, Superintendent Kelley Williams explained that's because marijuana edibles often look like traditional homemade baked goods and packaged candy.

Williams said the purpose of the letter is to protect student safety, health and well-being.

"What we are intentionally doing is to make our parents aware, and our students aware, that some of these packaged snacks that are coming in could potentially be laced with marijuana," said Williams.

Williams said there have been several incidents of students bringing marijuana edibles into district schools and sharing them.

"If we have suspicion, specifically around the edibles that we have been made aware of, such as gummy bears, brownies, and things that are baked goods from home, we are going to be very alert," he said.

Williams' letter warned that any student who brings snacks or baked goods to school may be searched at any time.

"The items may be taken away from the student to ensure that they're not ingesting something or passing something out that is laced with marijuana," said Williams.

The letter said that if an item is found to contain marijuana, the student will be subject to disciplinary action. Williams said the Oakland County Sheriff's Department could also get involved.

The school district is planning to open in-school snack shops where students can buy healthy and safe snacks to help with the situation, according to the letter.

Williams said with the legalization of marijuana, she believes secondary schools across the state are increasingly facing the problem of students bringing marijuana edibles into their schools.

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