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Twenty years after Dolly the Sheep, “this mystique about cloning continues”

The same DNA used to create Dolly has since been used to create other very similar - some might say identical - sheep.

The first mammal cloned by scientists was Dolly the Sheep, in 1997. There were concerns at the time about Dolly because the cell used to clone her was from a six year old sheep. Dolly died young. The conclusion at the time was that Dolly more or less was born at six years of age – the same age as the cell.

But cloning research has continued since the announcement of Dolly in 1997.

Stateside spoke with Jose Cibelli, a professor of animal biotechnology at Michigan State University, about the current state of cloning. He reported that there have been a number of animals cloned since Dolly, including camels, rabbits, rats, and fish.

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