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Amnesty program will clear child support bench warrants

People with bench warrants for missed child support payments in Eaton County have an opportunity for a fresh start next week.

During a two-hour window on Tuesday, Eaton County Friend of the Court will resolve bench warrants for outstanding support payments.

The program won't erase or modify outstanding child support obligations, but it will give people with bench warrants a chance to show up and explain themselves without being arrested. 
Allen Schlossberg with Friend of the Court said many people with missed payments feel hopeless under the weight of what they owe.

"The likelihood is we can offer a lot of positive assistance for people currently hiding out from the court," he said. "This program will get them into our office."

Schlossberg said fear of arrest can also keep people with bench warrants from exercising their parental rights.

"[They] fear that the mother or the father will call the police when they show up, or worse yet, they'll be stopped and be taken to jail in front of their child," he said.

Participants in the program must pay a fee and provide updated address and employment information.


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