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Amidst fears and hopes, gay mom says talk to each other

Flickr user rgmcfadden

Donald Trump’s victory sent people to their favorite social media platform to express their thoughts, fears and hopes as our divided nation tries to figure out what’s next.

A Facebook post from Michigan filmmaker Amy Weber asked each side to open up to the other.

“We will brush off our bruised hearts and open our arms to LOVE for ALL people and join together, because we MUST. Let’s use our powerful voices to educate and break down the walls that divide us.”

Weber is a lesbian mother and she said when Donald Trump was elected, she felt afraid.

“My fear, right away, immediately gravitated to rolling back the clock on social issues such as gay marriage and violence toward gay people – my family, in particular,” she said.

But amidst this fear, Weber has maintained her friends that voted for Donald Trump.

“As I reached out to them and shared with them my fears, which was important for me to do, I had to understand them and where they are coming from,” she said. “And they wanted to understand me and where I was coming from.”

Weber said talking to the people in our lives, expressing our fears and listening to theirs, leads to empathy, compassion and understanding.

“Ask the questions, share what your fears are and understand their viewpoint, because it’s probably not what you think it is,” she said. “And ask them to be open to your viewpoint. Because if we do not work together – and it starts with our own family and our own friends – if we do not talk to each other, this is going to turn into something that none of us want.”

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