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Michigan pharmacies see uptick in interest in anti-radiation medication

Since the Japanese nuclear crisis began, the handful of pharmacies in Michigan that stock anti-radiation medicine are seeing an uptick in demand.   

Potassium Iodide, also known as KI, provides some protection in case of radiation exposure.  It helps reduce the chance of contracting thyroid cancer in case of an accident. 9 pharmacies in Michigan stock KI tablets.  It’s part of a 5 year national program to provide the tablets to people living within 10 miles of a nuclear reactor.

Kelly Niebel is a spokeswoman for the Department of Community Health.   "We do our mailings once a year to encourage folks to have that on supply and keep it as part of their emergency kit with all their other stuff at home.”

The state has given people living near Michigan’s 3 nuclear reactors vouchers for potassium iodide.  But, you don’t need a voucher to buy the tablets.  Here's a list of Michigan pharmacies that stock KI tablets: Participating Pharmacies

1) Shoreline Pharmacy  950 Blue Star HWY, SouthHaven, MI

2) Meijer Pharmacy  1920 Pipestone Rd.,  Benton Harbor, MI

3) Meijer Pharmacy  5150 S. Franklin St., Michigan City, MI

4) Meijer Pharmacy 1700 Telegraph Rd., Monroe, MI 

5) Meijer Pharmacy 22600 Allen Rd., Woodhaven, MI

6) Kroger Pharmacy 850 Monroe St., Monroe, MI

7) Kroger Pharmacy 3833 N. Dixie Hwy., Monroe, MI

8) Kroger Pharmacy  20645 Gibraltar Rd., Brownstown, MI

9) Kroger Pharmacy 23849 West Rd., Brownstown Twp, MI

Steve Carmody has been a reporter for Michigan Radio since 2005. Steve previously worked at public radio and television stations in Florida, Oklahoma and Kentucky, and also has extensive experience in commercial broadcasting.
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