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Stateside: The great grape state

Flickr user farlane
Vineyard in Leelanau County

Michigan is the fourth-largest grape producing state.

This is good news for wine lovers.

According to the Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council, there are 101 commercial wineries producing more than 1.3 million gallons of wine annually.

Christopher Cook, Chief Restaurant Critic and Wine Writer for Hour Magazine, spoke with Zoe Clark about the state’s growing industry.

“When our auto industry was in so much trouble, the wine industry was beginning to boom. In the past decade it has come the distance and has now reached a point in quality and size where it is being recognized across the country,” said Cook.

Changes in palette have caused many Americans to venture outside California for their wine.

“There is something in the wine industry now called ‘A.B.C. [Anything But California].’ The American palette is becoming connected to the European palette. Those people like wines that are more acidic and not as heavy, and that’s what you get in Michigan.”

Because many young wine drinkers’ palettes are teeming with curiosity, said Cook, they are open to a variety of wines

Michigan’s increased production is closely related to its ability to grow grapes in a colder climate.

“We understand more now about growing grapes in colder climates…there are more weather-hardy grapes being grown in this country.”

-Cameron Stewart

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