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Listening To You

When you make a pledge to Michigan Radio, we ask for your comments…and our listeners are always happy to share them. Here’s a sample from our recently completed fall membership drive.

Michigan Radio keeps me well informed and inspired.

-There’s no extra charge for the inspiration.

It's good that a public not-for-profit radio station still exists.

-With your support, we’ll be here for a long time to come.

As a relatively new resident of this state, Michigan Radio has provided not only great NPR programs but in depth information about local elections, events, and stories from everyday Michiganders that makes me feel at home here. Thank you!

-Thanks, and welcome to Michigan!

I do not like the local programming at all, except for Jack Lessenberry. Please stop taking time away from the national programs and devoting it to locally produced shows.

-Can we put you in touch with the person who made the previous comment about our local programming? Love it or hate it, we do appreciate your feedback.

I find that many of my daily conversations with friends and family begin with: “I heard this on NPR”...Thank you all!!!

-We hear that from many listeners.

You are the best, I wake up every morning to the sound of your voices.  Stay on the air, don't let anyone get you off, you know who I'm talking about.

-Not exactly, but maybe you could give us their initials!

Michigan Radio makes me think, makes me laugh and enriches my life!

-We hope you’re laughing with us, and not….

I believe in what you do.

-Thank you…we do too.

I'm a grad student at MSU, and I'm busy.  I don't have time for TV news and sorting through flashy online media. Michigan Radio is my main source of news. And thanks to everybody at Michigan Radio for bringing us the state news!

-Thank you for fitting us into your busy schedule.

Michigan Radio has been a daily part of my life since I moved here in 1979.  Through its programming, I am regularly enlightened and entertained.  And because of Science Friday, my 7th grade grandson still finds me interesting to talk with - how cool is that!

-Very cool. You rock, Grandma!  

I appreciate the recent Michigan stories about parents who are struggling to break the cycle of poverty…can't remember the name of this year-long series.

-It’s called State of Opportunity, and you can hear the reports every Wednesday.

My radio broke and the station is stuck on 91.7. I'm ok with that.

-So are we.

Have you ever considered making available for a pledge drive the voices of your very own staff for a voice mail or home answering machine message? Not only do I think it would be motivating for many it might be a good way to slip in a little NPR plug to callers who hear it.

-That’s a fun idea, which we’ll pass along to our membership team. 

I'm entirely annoyed with the statement that 'becoming a sustaining member with a monthly charge to your credit card saves us time and money!  How is that possible?  Credit card companies charge merchant fees on each transaction, so 1 gift is cheaper than 12, never mind that my annual gift is greater than what you keep advocating for sustainers. 

-The cost to process a credit card transaction is actually much cheaper than the cost to mail a reminder letter and the labor cost involved in processing a check. Sustaining gifts also eliminate the need and cost of sending a renewal letter a year later. Of course, we appreciate your donation, no matter how you choose to make it.

I am able to listen to the station on my IPhone.  For years I could not pick up any NPR station on the radio here, but now I can listen again, via the phone.

-We have an app for Android phones too.

Michigan Radio is my favorite station, I listen every day to every program with the exception of Wire Tap which I turn off or switch stations when I hear.

-We get many comments from listeners who either love or hate Wire Tap. It’s back in our schedule, Saturdays at 10pm.

Please bring back Wire Tap!!

-See what we mean!

My daily companion- I leave it on for my cats while I'm at work and when I'm on vacation!

-We bet you have very smart cats.

Couldn't live without this radio. My 12 year old daughter is seeing the value as well. She was able to answer some questions in her Social Studies class that other kids couldn't because she heard the topic discussed on the ride to school. Keep up the great work!

-You and your daughter both deserve to get gold stars!

Hey Michigan Radio, you so fine, you so fine you blow my mind, Michigan Radio. (clap clap, clap clap) Michigan Radio.

-We’re guessing you used to be a cheerleader…or a Toni Basil fan?

I am moving to New York very soon, but I am pledging one last time because I want to support Michigan Radio for every minute that I use and leverage this resource in my own life.

-Thank you, though you can still stay connected to Michigan Radio by streaming us on your computer or using our iPhone or Android app.

It is valuable to us because we love Lester Graham! Everybody loves Lester!!!

-So do we…but we don’t want it going to his head.

I could never understand why my mother listened to NPR until one day a friend of mine put it on. Since then, I listen to NPR every morning and evening to and from work, and every weekend.

-Mom really does know best.

I grew up with the sounds of public radio playing in the background of daily life.  Sure, I sometimes found it annoying, thinking dad listened to it too loud while cooking, but now it's a part of my life just like it is for my day. 

-We find that turning up Sylvia Poggioli really helps while cooking pasta.

It does for my brain what food does for my body.

-And we’re 100% fat-free.

As a recent USMC combat veteran now small business owner, I get valuable information from Michigan Radio. In particular I enjoy topics covered we struggle with such as PTSD, TBI, employment/business opportunities for returning veterans.

-Thank you for your comments, and your service to our country!

I strongly considered dropping my annual donation this year because I am quite upset about the new "Stateside" program overrunning the 2nd hour of Talk of the Nation. I appreciate new programming such as Michigan Watch, but I am concerned that Michigan Radio's additional funds are being used to create new programming that takes away from the overall quality of the station.

-We had been contemplating adding a weekday local talk show to our schedule for some time, but waited until we had the resources and the right host to do it properly. We hope you’ll listen to “Stateside” and give this new show a chance.  (BTW, Science Friday still airs each Friday from 2-4pm).

Open Newsroom is great idea, as is "Issues and Ale"; really connects you w/ community.

-We really enjoy connecting with our listeners at these events, and will be doing many more of them in the future.

I'm a sustaining member of WCPN in Cleveland but I have fallen in love with a sustaining member of Michigan Radio.  She has agreed to marry me and move to Ohio so I feel a little guilty! 

-We hope you’ll find that supporting both WCPN and Michigan Radio is a recipe for a successful, sustaining marriage!