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The top 10 Michigan stories you read this year

Top ten stories from 2015

Ready to count down the seconds on New Year's Eve? You've still got a couple of days, so kill some time counting down the biggest stories of 2015. 

Here are the Top 10 most-read stories on our website this year:

1. The story behind the Michigan 's'
Here's a questions for you. Did your dad work at "Ford's?” Did your grandma shop at "Hudson's?” Do you make grocery runs at "Meijer's?” A lot of us have a real habit of adding that possessive "s" to a store or company’s name.
Is it just a Michigan thing?

2. Who is John R and why is there a Detroit street named after him?
When Adrian Brown moved from Iowa to Royal Oak five years ago, he noticed something funny about a road he uses every day. John R Road is just that — "John R."— one initial — no last name.

3. Guerrilla artist makes sculptures inside big box stores
Carson Brown wants to make people think critically about what he calls the American landscape, and he’s not talking about mountains and vistas. He’s talking about the American landscape of consumerism.

4. Recently discovered Lake Erie shipwreck sparks an emergency response from Coast Guard
The Cleveland Underwater Explorers (CLUE) discovered the wreck on August 28th. It’s believed to be a vessel called the Argo that sank in 1937.

5. Syrian refugee haven planned at former Pontiac school and neighborhood
Plans are in motion to build a Syrian refugee haven around an abandoned Pontiac elementary school.

6. This "optimized" Michigan road trip will take you 40-50 hours to complete
According to Randy Olson, 2,098 miles and 43 stops is the perfect road trip around Michigan.

7. Why VW will not bring back a van in the U.S., at least right now
Every year, my neighbor knows spring is almost here because he sees me lying under my 24-year-old VW Vanagon looking for the latest leak from my “wasserboxer” engine.

8. How a Mormon king shaped a sleepy island in Lake Michigan
As part of our MI Curious project, Philip Zoutendam asked this question: What's the story of the Mormon kingdom that was on Beaver Island in the 1800s, and how does it affect the island today?

9. Watch this speed skater grab a rare opportunity to glide on Lake Michigan
The beginning of March brought on some unusual conditions along the coast of West Michigan. The ice off the coast of Grand Haven was as smooth as glass - perfect for skating.

10. Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan who were exposed to burn pits worry about their health
“A burn pit’s just a big hole in the ground. You push dirt up and just have trash there, and light it on fire and walk away,” says Army veteran Eric Mullins.

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