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In July 1967, five days of chaos erupted in Detroit. Citizens, police, and troops clashed in a violent conflict that left 43 people dead, thousands of buildings destroyed, and a lingering scar on the once-vibrant city. It was a pivotal moment for Detroit, and for the country.Today, many believe Detroit is having a renaissance. And there have been plenty of visible improvements in recent years.But for many Detroiters, little has changed for the better in the past half-century. Poverty is even more entrenched. There are few good jobs and even fewer good schools. Blight and foreclosure have erased entire neighborhoods.If we want to understand today’s Detroit, we have to consider the city’s turbulent past. That’s why Michigan Radio is revisiting the events of that hot summer in 1967.From July 17-28, Stateside and Morning Edition will hear from people who were there; explore the issues that led to the deadliest riot of the 1960s; and examine why it still resonates in the city today.

Year in Review: Our best stories about Michigan

satellite map of Michigan, the Great Lakes
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

This year, Michigan Radio's reporting took us all across the state investigating issues from sexual assault scandals, to the effects of gentrification, to fallout from the Flint water crisis.

Here are some of our most important Michigan stories of 2017: 

Michigan State University and Larry Nassar

In September 2016, sexual assault allegations against Michigan State University sports doctor Larry Nassar went public. Throughout 2017, Michigan Radio followed the case by reporting on the court process and MSU’s response, as well as interviewing victims.

The Macomb County Jail controversy

After a March 2017 report found major problems within Macomb County courts and jails, Michigan Radio reporter Sarah Cwiek decided to dig a little deeper, and what she found was shocking evidence of Macomb County’s systemic problems.

Following up on the Flint water crisis

Three years after the Flint water crisis began, Michigan Radio continued to follow the city’s attempts to recover -- from a failed mayoral recall, to lingering health effects.

Next steps in Detroit’s “revival”

While many are praising Detroit's "renaissance,” major problems remain and could affect the city’s future.

The housing boom in Grand Rapids

As Grand Rapids bounces back, it’s housing market has skyrocketed. But as Michigan Radio reporter Dustin Dwyer discovered, many residents are being left behind.

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