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House of a Thousand Stink Bugs: Autumn means more creepy crawlers in your home

stink bug
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Stink bugs will soon be making their way into your home.

Starting now and for the next few weeks, experts says stink bugs will start to make their way into homes across Michigan.

Specifically, the boxelder bug, brown marmorated stink bug, western conifer seed bug, and the Asian lady beetle will try to make their way into your home.

Credit Nate Walton, MSU Extension.
Three true bugs (Hemiptera) common on the exterior of structures: brown marmorated stink bug (top left), boxexlder bug (bottom left) and western conifer seed bug (top right).

Scientists say they are following their natural instincts to find a resting place for the winter.

David Lowenstein is a Consumer Horticulture Extension Educator with Michigan State University. He says, "This is just a natural part of their life cycles. It doesn't mean you are doing anything wrong in terms of home management or garden management if they appear."

MSU created a guide on what to do about fall insect pests. "The key things is exclusion from the homes. So if you have holes in your screens or there's gaps inside your garage door to the inside, you either want to seal them or keeps those windows closed on days when there are swarming insects on or near the side of a home," Lowenstein says.

Lowenstein says stink bugs are an invasive species that showed up in Michigan in the last few years. They give off an odor if they're disturbed. But he says they're not harmful and won't bite.

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