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Stateside: $1 billion Ann Arbor school bond vote; Jimmy Hoffa’s legacy; haunted Michigan places

A sign reading "Haunted: Please Come In"
Gail Offen and Jon Milan's book "Michigan Haunts" covers supposedly haunted locations across Michigan like the Grand Hotel, Greenfield Village, and the state's many lighthouses.

Today on Stateside, Ann Arbor Public Schools is asking taxpayers to approve a $1 billion dollar bond proposal to upgrade buildings in the district. We'll talk to the district's superintendent about why she believes the money is needed. Plus, Happy Halloween! We’ll explore Michigan's haunted places and horror films.

Listen to the full show above or find individual segments below. 

Ann Arbor superintendent makes case for a $1 billion bond for school improvements

Stateside’s conversation with Jeanice Swift

  • The Ann Arbor Public Schools is asking voters for a $1 billion bond over 30 years to pay for building upgrades and energy efficiency improvements. It's one of the largest bond proposals requested by a school district in state history, and it's been met with some criticism among a voting population that is generally receptive to millages.
  • Jeanice Swift is the superintendent of Ann Arbor Public Schools. She told us what the district is hoping to do with this bond, why they decided on this amount of money, and how she responds to concerns raised by critics of the proposal. 

After seeking many suitors, Fiat-Chrysler ties the knot with French Peugeot

Stateside’s conversation with Daniel Howes

  • Fiat Chrysler announced yesterday it will merge with French automaker Peugeot. What does this mean for the automaker in Michigan? Business columnist Daniel Howes is with The Detroit News. He explained why the merger is happening, what the two companies hope to get out of the deal, and what all of this tells us about the future of the global auto industry.

Why Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance is still a part of Michigan culture more than 40 years later

Stateside's conversation Greg Stejskal and Scott Burnstein

  • Martin Scorcese's latest film The Irishman comes out tomorrow in limited release. It focuses on the deadly relationship between the Mafia and Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa. Scott Burnstein is an author and expert on organized crime in America. Greg Stejskal served as an FBI agent for 31 years and retired as resident agent in charge of the Ann Arbor field office. They broke down who Hoffa was, the impact that his disappearance had on the city of Detroit and local FBI investigations into organized crime, and why they think Hoffa’s story still looms large in Michigan. 

New book shines light on Michigan’s most haunted places

Stateside’s conversation with Gail Offen and Jon Milan

  • On this Halloween day, we wanted to bring you something a bit spooky. What's more spine-chilling than the thought of living in a haunted house? In a new book called Michigan Haunts, authors Gail Offen and Jon Milan take readers on a road trip of haunted locations throughout the state. They talked about what makes a place haunted, what they say to people who are skeptical about hauntings, and their own personal experiences with unexplained eeriness. 

Here are five horror films with a Michigan connection

Stateside’s conversation with Andrew Lapin

  • Whether you love them or hate them — or you’re somewhere in between — horror films play a big role in American pop culture. NPR film critic Andrew Lapin joined us to talk about several scary movies with a Michigan connection, including The Evil Dead, Only Lovers Left Alive, The Crow, and It Follows.

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