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In case you missed it...

User cccpstorm

Here are a few great radio pieces you may have missed this week.

Michigan Radio Senior Producer Mark Brush suggests two pieces.

This American Life makes a batch of Coke... (not THAT kind of coke... coca cola, silly)

And this one by NPR's Debbi Elliott.
Mark says, "Vipassana meditation classes for convicted murderers in an Alabama prison. A state with a prison system known for chain gangs comes to recognize the power and benefits of eastern meditation - truly amazing. And it shows the diversity and complexity that sits inside all of us - some amazing quotes in this one."
From Vipassana teacher Carl Franz:

"Everyone's mind is kind of Pandora's box, and when you have 33 rather serious convicts facing their past and their own minds, their memories, their regrets, rough childhood, whatever, their crimes, lots of stuff comes up," Franz says.

From convicted murderer Johnny Mack Young had this to say:

"That's one of the things that tortures me," Young says. "We learn this stuff. We learn it too late in life."

In lighter news, Diane Rehm spoke with Stefan Kanfer about his new biography about Humphrey Bogart, Tough Without a Gun.

Ms. Rehm and the author spoke at length about Bogart's many relationships, his trademark voice and tough guy style, and the ways in which he failed to fit in with the rest of Hollywood, spending his free time hanging out with writers instead of other actors.

The show highlights some great moments from Bogie's career, including scenes from The Maltese Falcon and Casablanca, but how about this one from To Have and Have Not with future wife Lauren Bacall:

Does it get any better?

-Brian Short