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Mystery person sends $100 in cash to Grand Rapids for vandalism

Lindsey Smith
Michigan Radio
The letter and copies of the five $20 bills mailed to the City of Grand Rapids this week.

“It is a first for me with this amount of money,” Grand Rapids Treasurer Al Mooney said (he's been treasurer for more than 20 years).

The anonymous donor sent the cash to make amends for “minor vandalism” he or she took part in years ago.

The short, typed letter reads,

“Minor group vandalism many years ago. Cannot remember specifics or even if I did any damage, but I think one of the street signs was taken.”

Inside the envelope, with no signature or return address, were five $20 bills.

“We’ve had people send in 700 pennies when they were upset about a parking ticket, “Mooney said, “But this was targeted to a specific purpose.” He already deposited the cash into the city’s fund that pays to replace street signs, but he made copies of the bills for the city's record.  

“This is one of those type of things that comes out of the blue for whatever reason, or in this case for a specific reason, they say ‘hey I want to help out and I’m going to feel better about it.”

Mooney thanks whoever it was, and guesses the person slept a little easier last night.

Lindsey Smith is Michigan Radio’s investigative reporter. She previously served as Michigan Radio’s Morning News Editor and West Michigan Reporter.