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Sometimes you get an I-Pad...sometimes you don't.

I think it’s no secret that reporters get unsolicited gifts in the mail or at posh press events from time to time.

That’s especially true for reporters on the auto beat. 

A bunch of auto beat reporters a couple years ago (not me) got I-Pads in the mail.   I’m pretty sure they were returned due to their various employers’ ethics policies.   No one has owned up to keeping one!

Not all the gifts are that obvious in their attempt to curry favor.

And some are flat-out hilarious.

This is a gift I got courtesy of Febreze as part of an advertising gimmick for their new car deodorizing “vent clips.” 

I gather you attach the clips to your heating vent and it provides an entire 30 days of fragrance-filled breathing delight in your car.

Includes a sample of the vent clip, plus a whole “Febreze Vent Clip Game,”with a remote controlled car, five batteries, and pictures of odiferous things to avoid.

Fun for the whole family!   Or at least fun for your seven-year old son.  

My station has a “nominal value” rule (don’t accept gifts over $25 in value……)  but I’m pretty sure I’m safe to keep this.    

The vent clip itself is up for grabs by any of my beloved Michigan Radio colleagues, though. 

Anyone?   (Crickets chirping.)


It’s “Linen and Sky” scent.  Bet you’re interested now, hmm?


Tracy Samilton covers energy and transportation, including the auto industry and the business response to climate change for Michigan Radio. She began her career at Michigan Radio as an intern, where she was promptly “bitten by the radio bug,” and never recovered.