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A Minute with Mike: Bonuses of setting back the clock


Ah, the autumn time change. We love the extra hour of sleep but hate that the sun sets so early, leaving many of us with little or no time to experience what little sun there is to be enjoyed.

But instead of looking at the situation as a glass half full, I say there are many reasons why the long nights are a blessing for all Michiganders.

For instance:

  • You can completely eliminate the guilt of binge-watching a so-so TV show while the sun is out and the weather is nice. Who cares if the show isn’t that good? It’s cold and dark out.
  • It’s not your fault you haven’t raked the leaves yet. It’s just that by the time you’re home from work, it’s too dark out. And everyone knows performing manual labor in the dark is dangerous.
  • Productivity from Michigan workers who identify as werewolves or vampires dramatically increases.
  • You can wave good-bye to those cancer-causing photons shooting at us from the nuclear fusion reactor we call the sun until next spring.
  • Finally, it's a little known fact, but everyone, and I mean EVERYONE is far more attractive in the dark.

Long story short: We may not all like the bi-annual time change. But keep in mind, messing with time changes might end up messing up our glorious long summer nights with their awe inspiring sunsets. I'm willing to bet that's something we can all agree makes Michigan extra special.
Disclaimer:  “A Minute with Mike may not fulfill appropriate levels of hilarity with all listeners. If you experience dizziness, nausea, bed sores, apathy, confusion, increased yawning, a sense of impending doom, hiccups, and/or an immediate craving for fried foods, please have your funny-bone examined immediately.”

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